Dear, love of my life

are you here
in front of my eyes
and I don’t see you there? or
are you on a journey
from the ends of the earth
to me?

if you are coming
sit in the window seat
not in the aisle
distractions may steal
your love for me
and you’ll never make it

I’m waiting for you now
I know you thought you lost me
I was lost
in the ghost houses
of my past
with a stranger, not my soulmate

when you get here
look at my hands
from baggage
from endless silver rings
that once held meanings but
don’t anymore

Give me meaning
my life
tattered will be renewed
in your presence
virginal again
worth something
for you and me
together at last here
in front of the doubters and haters
hate no more

your strength will protect me
defend me
your loyalty will mend
my brokenness
no one will betray me again
you won’t betray me
you’ll be here to stay
and we’ll take a one way ticket
to happiness


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