two men and an army nurse

Cold metal braces on my chubby toddler legs
Mama said I would kick her in the night while I slept
Not this night though
I listened to her breath
Mixed with low whispers
the weight of our blanket lay heavy over me

Why didn’t Mama hear them
The hallway floor creaked from the walking
I shut my eyes as tight as I could because the steps came closer to our open bedroom door
Terror covers me and I promised myself that I would only open my eyes a little bit
This way they would think I was sleeping

I saw the shadows in the
The first man short and round
The other man tall and thin
Both with Afros
They could see me
In the silence all I could hear was my beating heart

I’m not sure if Mama ever woke
But they eventually disappeared and I struggled awake to Char’s voice telling Mama that she smelled so good
I guess she scared the shadows away for me
She protected us
After all she was in the army

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