i do remember

I do remember
five months old
the yellow baby swing
sitting in Granny’s dining room
Mama would wind
and I would swing
until I fell asleep

nine months old
propped up in the corner
gold plastic covered couch
in Granny’s living room
mint green walls dark brown trim
I’m laughing hysterically at
Tookie, he plays peek a boo
as his short toddler legs run
back and forth
I cried when auntie took him home

charlie Brown wallpaper
seen from my bubble
and my auntie Syl sang lullaby
as pneumonia escaped my lungs
she loved me then
even though I was Papa’s favorite.

somewhere between two and four
we lived in a flat on Taylor and Linwood
Char was my favorite toy
Mama loved her and she was always there for us
but she couldn’t save me from the whipping
when I walked onto Linwood alone.

Mama drank her last beer
and smoked her last cigarette on Bryden
she found God
the church
she got saved

I do remember my life changed

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